The translational research conducted at CCI has resulted in an impressive amount of articles published in renowned international peer-reviewed scientific journals of high impact factor.
Many center members have received awards for their presented research and outstanding contribution to their respective scientific fields.

Several studies have led to improved patient care through implementation of new methods, medication and inclusion criteria’s for patients in need of implantable cardiac devices. The continuous work done by center members has also led to updated guidelines for management of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.  The introduction of the non-invasive work calculation, myocardial work, has added a new dimension in the clinical evaluation of myocardial function, representing a means to incorporate loading conditions in the assessment of ventricular function.

Mechanical dispersion, a tool proposed and validated by researchers at CCI and Oslo University Hospital, has been incorporated into ultrasound equipment by our industrial partner GE Vingmed Ultrasound and made available on an international market. During the last few years, other centers have adapted the technique and published studies showing the value of mechanical dispersion and strain echocardiography in predicting malignant arrhythmias and cardiac death in a variety of patient populations.

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