Oslo University Hospital (OUH)

Oslo University Hospital (OUH), recently established via merging of all major hospitals in Oslo, is a non-profit organization owned wholly by the Norwegian State. It has more than 20 000 employees, treats more than 1M patients every year, and performs approximately 60% of all medical research in Norway.

The Heart and Lung Clinic is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, and has one clinical Department of Cardiology and two experimental research departments IEMR and ISR which perform research on the basic function and dysfunction of the heart at all levels, from subcellular genetics to clinical trials. These research groups bring the highest level of Norwegian competence to the proposed centre; the Department of Cardiology was the only clinical department in Norway rated as excellent by The Research Council of Norway in their latest ranking in 2003, and both IEMR and ISR have cutting-edge capacities to perform in vivo and in vitro experimental work investigating cardiac function.


Center for Cardiological Innovation