Media outreach

Center members and their studies have received a remarkable amount of media coverage during the years. Unikard, which was a nationwide research initiative for improving dissemination in the field of cardiovascular diseases, did in particular show a keen interest for the research conducted at Oslo University Hospital, listing both Center for Cardiological Innovation and one of the research groups within the center, Integrated CardioVascular Function as groups to follow.

Mechanical dispersion is an important tool in predicting arrhythmic events and sudden cardiac death in patients at risk, and as such a potential lifesaver for many. Its implementation during 2015 was headlined by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), among others, as a breakthrough in cardiac research with the potential to prevent cardiac arrest.

Dagbladet, Aftenposten, Dagens Medisin, Computerworld, NRK,, and Khrono are among media that has covered the Center, its members and research during the past eight years.


Overview of media outreach

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