Mathis Korseberg Stokke

Mathis Korseberg Stokke, MD., PhD, Postdoctoral fellow

After graduation from the University of Copenhagen and medical residency in Tromsø, Mathis Korseberg Stokke did his PhD work at the Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR) at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål in collaboration with David Eisners` research group at the University of Manchester, UK. In 2011 Stokke defended his thesis entitled SERCA2-RyR2 interplay at the heart of Ca2+ wave development. Experimental studies on mechanisms underlying triggered arrhythmias. He continued his research at IEMR as a postdoctoral fellow and supervisor, a position he held part time from 2012 when he took up training in internal medicine and cardiology at Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital, and until he joined CCI in May 2016.

Mathis Korseberg Stokke has for several years been part of the administration for Center for Heart Failure Research, a network of key research groups in South-Eastern Norway that organize several events, including the Annual CHFR Symposium on Heart Failure. He is also part of the administration of NORHEART – The Norwegian PhD School of Heart Research that offers targeted educational activities for Norwegian PhD students in cardiovascular research.

Stokke`s research interests are arrhythmias and cardiac electrophysiology, with a focus on mechanisms for triggered arrhythmias. In collaboration with leading experts abroad he has used animal models, including genetically modified mice to explore basic aspects of arrhythmias. In collaboration with associate professor Kristina Haugaa, MD, PhD and professor Thor Edvardsen, MD, PhD, Stokke has aimed to combine clinical data and basic science in a translational approach. This work will now continue at CCI, where his focus will be on genetic cardiology, mechanisms for arrhythmias and mechanolectrical interactions in the heart.

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