Eigil Samset

Eigil Samset is the CCI coordinator. Representing the largest user partner, GE Vingmed Ultrasound, he will help drive the center to ensure the innovation objectives are met.

Samset is a Digital Program Manager at GE Vingmed Ultrasound, he also holds a Professor II position at the department of informatics at University of Oslo. Samset is the leader of the centre workpackage focusing on multimodal imaging for ischemia detection.
He has his Master from NTNU in engineering cybernetics with focus on medical applications. His PhD was conducted at the Medical Faculty of the University of Oslo where he developed new methods for utilizing MRI as an intra-operative imaging modality.


He was invited to Harvard (Brigham and Women's Hospital) to perform his Post.doc. on MRI guided cardiac ablation. He has also been a visiting researcher at Stanford University Hospital where he worked on intra-vascular ultrasound.

Eigil Samset has worked academically with medical image processing, visualization, navigation and robotics for over a decade, managing research teams in Norway and across Europe. He has also 3 years experience as product and technology manager in the oil & gas business, managing software development team developing cutting edge applications for simulation and visualization.

Center for Cardiological Innovation