CardioSolv, LLC (CS)

CardioSolv, LLC (CS) is a scientific services and consulting company founded by the academic leaders in the field of cardiac simulation that specializes in predictive cardiac modeling and simulation. CS's goal is to be the world leader in software development for cardiac electromechanical applications and to provide computational biomedicine engineering analysis to the academic research community, biomedical technology companies, and the cardiology profession.

Services include medical device design and optimization, virtual cardiac electrophysiology and electromechanics solutions, and personalized-medicine planning tools for anti-arrhythmia therapy. CardioSolv has developed two fully functional general-purpose cardiac electrophysiology simulators, capable of solving the bidomain system for a wide variety of cellular ionic models, and a web interface for creating and running cardiac simulations, making cardiac simulation accessible to biological experts who are not high-performance computing experts. CS's mission is to bring the state of the art in cardiac simulation out of academia and to the bedside.

Center for Cardiological Innovation