Articles in International Journals

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Books/Chapters in Books

1)   Gjesdal O and Edvardsen T: Tissue Doppler in Ischemic Heart Disease. Doppler Echocardiography. In Establishing Better Standards of Care in Doppler Echocardiography, Computed Tomography and Nuclear Cardiology, Edited by: Richard M. Fleming, In-Tech 2011, ISBN 978-953-307-366-8

2) Haugaa KH, Amlie JP, Edvardsen T: Prediction of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death. In Cardiac defibrillation – prediction, prevention and management of cardiocascular arrhythmic events, Edited by: Joyelle J. Harris,  In-Tech 2011,  ISBN 978-953-307-692-8


Dissemination of results to users: Presentations and abstracts

1) Edvardsen, T., Mechanical consequences of ion channel dysfunction. AHA Scientific sessions 11. Orlando, US. November 15th, 2011.

2) Edvardsen T., How to predict malignant arrhythmias by strain echocardiography. XV1th World Congress of Cardiology & Echo: Sept 30th-Oct 2nd, 2011, Delhi NCR. India.

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Dissemination of results to the general public: Popular science publications

1)   M. Maleckar. "The heart of the matter: Simula and the Center for Cardiological Innovation." Presented at a general meeting with representatives from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, 14.04.2011.

2)   J. Sundnes. "Kan vi regne ut hvordan hjertet virker? Og hva kan vi i så fall bruke det til?". Presented at Idéfestivalen 2011, University of Oslo, September 17th, 2011.



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Center for Cardiological Innovation