Jun 20, 2012

Tom Gentile, GE Healthcare Systems CEO, visits Center for Cardiological Innovation

Tom Gentile, the CEO of General Electric Healtcare Systems, accompanied by Global Ultrasound leader Anders Wold, recently visisted Norway and members of the Center for Cardiological Innovation. Gentile took the oportunity to meet both the GE Vingmed Ultrasound team in Horten and key researchers at Oslo University Hospital.

Posted by: piritta
Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile, the CEO of General Electric Healtcare Systems, recently visited to meet the GE team in Horten and to engage with key customers and opinion leaders at Oslo University Hospital. Gentile expressed how impressed he is with the many breakthroughs performed by GE Vingmed Ultrasound in Norway over the years, and wrote on his blog after the visit: “GE Vingmed has advanced the state of technology in cardiac ultrasound with the successive introduction of several generations of the Vivid line of cardiac ultrasound units.  The team in Horten has tremendous domain expertise with 23% PhDs and 36% of the staff with more than 15 years of experience.”

Tom Gentile was accompanied by Global Ultrasound leader Anders Wold on his visit. Together they also had the chance to visit CCI director Prof. Thor Edvardsen as well as head of the echo lab Prof. Svend Aakhus at Oslo University Hospital.  The strong collaboration between the cardiology research team at the hospital and GE Vingmed Ultrasound was clearly expressed. This collaboration has been cultivated over two decades and continues to grow within the newly established Center for Cardiological Innovation.

Center for Cardiological Innovation