Apr 14, 2015

Centre Post.doc Kristin McLeod in Auckland


Centre Post.doc Kristin McLeod attended the Cardiac Physiome workshop in Auckland, New Zealand in April.

The workshop focused on computational modeling in conjunction with experimental and clinical studies of cardiac physiology disease. Sessions cover molecular to whole-organ cardiac function and the Physiome Project.

Kristin McLeod presented her poster "Fast Sweeping vs. Fast Marching for Elkonal Methods of Electrophysiology - A Potential for Significantly More Efficient Computation?"
Authors: Kristin McLeod, Samuell Wall, Marcus Noack

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Text by Kristin McLeod:

Cardiac electrophysiology plays a key role in many cardiac diseases and poor conduction can be the cause of a number of potentially lethal cardiac events. Correcting poor conduction to restore healthy electrical propagation in the heart is an ongoing clinical challenge and can require lengthy procedures. Computational models of the electrophysiology can aid with ablation therapy planning to help to localize regions causing abnormal conduction (in cardiac resynchronization therapy for instance). A key bottleneck in patient-specific electrophysiology simulations is computation time, given the need for solving electrophysiology equations on large computational domains to maintain sufficient accuracy. This work constitutes a preliminary study to investigate the possibility for using different finite difference schemes for solving eikonal models to improve computation time and thus lead to potentially more accurate results (by allowing larger computational grids to be used).


In addition to the poster presentation Post.doc Kristin McLeod also gave 2 seminars in Auckland.
The first at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FHMS) at the University of Auckland on the 30th March, and the other at the Bioengineering Institute (ABI) at the University of Auckland on the 31st March. See the the flyer.

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