Apr 28, 2015

CCI Spring Workshop


The CCI Workshop was held at Simula Research Laboratory this spring. Attendance was remarkable, as usual, and close to 50 of the centre members participated.

On the agenda were topics such as RV modeling, ARVC screening, important metrics in LA, mechanical simulations models and multi-modal imaging for scar detection.

An update on the progress of research projects and process in regards to the innovation pipeline was given.

Centre Deputy Director of Scientific Computing, Samuel Wall held a presentation of the 3 year follow-up plan and future focus areas.

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Attendees at the workshop.
Centre Director Thor Edvardsen and Centre Coordinator Eigil Samset prior to their presentations. Professor Edvardsen welcomed everyone and talked a bit about the recent midterm evaluation the centre has gone through. Professor Samset talked about the Innovation map and the importance of the Centre wiki page.
Post.doc Eirik Nestaas giving his presentation titled "How long is too long? New eyes on post-systolic shortening".
Centre members during a short break.
CCI will have more focus on making the Centre's profile more visible in the future and one addition to this is the Centre's facebook page "Center for Cardiological Innovation".
Recent addition to the CCI, PhD student John Aalen from the left, Espen Remme, Margareth Ribe and PhD student Ida Skrinde Leren during the break between sessions.
One of the groups dicussing the important metrics in LA.
Center for Cardiological Innovation