Oct 22, 2014

Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics, 2014



PhD student at Simula Research Laboratory, Gabriel Balaban, is giving a presentation titled: "Least Squares Fitting of A Cardiac Hyperelasticity Model Using an Automatically Derived Adjoint Equation" at the 27th Seminar on Computational Mechanics in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday 24th.

Joakim Sundnes, a Senior Research Scientist from Simula Research Laboratory is holding an invited lecture titled; "Computational models of electro-mechanical interactions in the heart" on Friday 24th. Joakim Sundnes also holds chair duty for Numerical Methods 1, under Technical Sessions the same day. 

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Representing CCI

Joakim Sundanes, PhD
Gabriel Balaban, PhD student

Contributions from CCI

Computational models of electro-mechanical interactions in the heart
Invited lecture; Joakim Sundnes

Least Squares Fitting of a Cardiac Hyperelasticity Model using an Automatically Derived Adjoint Equation
G. Balaban, M. Alnæs, M. Rognes, J. Sundnes

Center for Cardiological Innovation