Sep 14, 2014

Center Deputy Director Samuel Wall at CINC 2014




Center Deputy Director Samuel Wall, PhD, gave a talk at Computers in Cardiology Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on September 10th.

Talk titled; Bidomain Simulations of Subendocardial Ischemia:  The Forward and Inverse Problems

CINC has as a goal to encourage engineers and computer scientists to interact closely and productively with physiologists and clinicians, thus laying the ground for new and productive cooperation.

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The talk was on using computational methods to determine the location and extent of cardiac ischemia using electrical measurement on the body surface.

Motivated by clinical cases, Samuel Wall, PhD, presented a new mathematical framework for describing injury currents that occur during subendocardial ishemia, together with co-authors Marius Lysaker and Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen

They showed how these new methods could reproduce clinical data of ischemia where the generally accepted approach failed.  
In addition, they demonstrated how this framework could be incorporated into inverse techniques to use body surface measurements to better locate subendocardial ischemia.

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