Nov 1, 2011

The Norwegian Research Council signs Grant Agreement with Oslo University Hospital

On Monday October 31st, Director Thoresen of Oslo University Hospital and Division Director Fahlvik of the Norwegian Research Council signed the Agreement giving the "Center for Cardiological Innovation" status as Centre for Research-based Innovation as well as significant funding for the coming years.
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The Center for Cardiological Innovation (CCI) was be formally established as a new Centre for Research-based Innovation on the 31st of October, 2011, after the signing of the agreement between the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and Oslo University Hospital. This contract secures the Center 10 million Norwegian crowns in annual support from the RCN, for a period of up to 8 years with a total budget of over 200 million Norwegian crowns. The Center aims to make significant advances in the management of patients with serious cardiac pathologies, such as heart failure, as well as persons at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. The Center will combine ultrasound imaging with computer-based modeling and simulation of the heart to provide diagnostics and treatment planning in a manner which is otherwise impossible. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop novel methods and solutions that can be integrated into next-generation ultrasound equipment, which can be made available to and improve care for patients worldwide.

The Center will be led by Professor Thor Edvardsen at Oslo University Hospital. Edvardsen is a cardiologist and leads a world-renowned research group in ultrasound-based cardiac diagnostics. "This Center will bring us a step further when it comes to revealing the underlying heart disease earlier and to finding the best possible treatment for patients with rhythm disturbances," says Professor Edvardsen. "It also gives us a unique opportunity to develop an even closer cooperation with both developing ultrasound technology for GE Vingmed Ultrasound and with heart-simulation environment at Simula Research Laboratory", he continues. The extensive research program planned for the CCI will be executed in concert with aforementioned partners and coordinated by Eigil Samset at GE Vingmed Ultrasound. "The Center for Cardiological Innovation will be able to bring forward solutions and products that both save lives and save the community money. It's motivating to be working with something that will mean so much to so many, and especially when we know that the result will be patients’ worldwide benefit through our products, "says Samset.

The event is also covered at Forskningsrådets webpages (in Norwegian).

About the partners:

Oslo University Hospital is the largest hospital in Norway, with over 20,000 employees. The hospital's Heart and Lung Cinic is core to Norway’s national competence in these branches of medicine within a range of disorders that will be relevant to the CCI.

Simula Research Laboratory is an independent fresearch institute located at Fornebu, just outside of Oslo. Simula seeks to create knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges with clear social purpose. The Department of Computational Cardiac Modeling, led by Molly Maleckar, uses computers to simulate the heart's activity from the subcellular level to the whole heart.

GE Vingmed Ultrasound, part of GE Healthcare, develops advanced cardiac ultrasound equipment which is sold worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Horten, Norway, with over 200 employees,in addition to research and development activities conducted at the Research Park near the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway.

Other partners in the CCI are Kalkulo, a Norwegian high-tech company specializing in visualization and advanced calculation software development. CardioSolv is a U.S. company which develops and markets heart-simulation software and solutions. The University of Oslo is Norway's largest institution of higher education, and is involved in the CCI through the Institute for Clinical Research.

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