May 13, 2014

CCI participated at Holmenkollstafetten May 10th 2014

Within the category ‘A1, mixed teams, most male participants’ Center for Cardiological Innovation was placed number 348 out of 1522 teams, with a total time of 1:13:45. The team goal is to improve the results at next years relay!

The following CCI employees participated in the relay: Krissy McLeod, Marianne Weberg, Margareth Ribe, Jakub Czana, Jørn Bersvendsen, Eigil Samset, Marit Kristine Smedsrud, Sebastian Sarvari, Sam Wall, Petter Storsten, Gabriel Balaban, Thor Edvardsen, Ida Skrinde Leren, Espen Bøe and Espen Remme.

Posted by: Anonymous
Kristin McLeod at the starting line.
Exchange leg 10/11, Petter Storsten and Gabriel Balaban.
Thor Edvardsen.
Margareth Ribe.
Kristin McLeod.
From left: Marianne Weberg, Margareth Ribe and Ida Skrinde Leren.
Center for Cardiological Innovation