Dec 7, 2018

Prof. Thor Edvardsen will become EACVI President for 2018-2020



After many years as an EACVI member and serving on the Board since 2010, Prof. Edvardsen will now become EACVI President for 2018–2020. “I am very honoured to be President of such a great and growing organisation,” he said. “The main vision of my presidency will be to try to get Europe together in all aspects of cardiovascular imaging.” - writes EuroEcho-Imaging Congress News.

"We aim to enhance our engagement with patients to better define their needs in terms of access to information and education. We also hope to improve patient care by further developing and promoting multimodality imaging. We expect to have multimodality imaging certification in place by 2020, in time for EACVI 2020, which we believe will be the world’s leading reference event in cardiovascular multimodality imaging." - Prof. Edvardsen continued.

Read the full interview at EuroEcho-Imaging Congress News.

Photo: Kristin Ellefsen, UiO
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Photo courtesy of European Society of Cardiology

Prof. Thor Edvardsen informes members about the future plans for EACVI the coming two years during the opening ceremony of EuroEcho-Imaging Congress 2018.
Photo courtesy of European Society of Cardiology

The new EACVI Board assembled during EuroEcho-Imaging Congress 2018.

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