Nov 7, 2016

CCI Workshop



Simula Research Laboratory hosted the CCI Workshop this Fall. New members were introduced and the current status for innovation in all Work Packages was presented. A few weeks prior to the workshop the Center hosted the annual SAB meeting and an overview of the feedback from the Scientific Advisory Board was presented during the workshop.

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The partners in the CCI bring key competences to the joint projects, enabling everyone in the CCI to effectively pursue the collective goals. The workshop meetings are an important arena for the evaluation of the current status for projects and disruptive ideas and out-of-the-box thinking are being encouraged. The innovative nature of the center thus results in a continuous generation of new ideas and projects.

A premise behind the CCI research is to provide personalized health and care through analysis, modeling and treatment that is tailored to the individual patient. Measurements from the patient’s heart (e.g. ultrasound imaging or ECG) are analyzed to extract anatomical, functional and geometrical information. This information can be used directly in clinical studies or be further analyzed and combined using cardiac modeling and simulation. The intelligent fusion of this information provides decision support that will influence diagnosis, triage and treatment. The CCI also runs clinical studies to validate and investigate the impact of new prognostic parameters.

Center for Cardiological Innovation