Oct 26, 2016

SAB meeting 2016


From left: Professor Otto Smiseth, Erik Kongsgård, MD, PhD, Associate Professor Kristina H. Haugaa, Professor Cecilia Linde, Professor Francisco Leyva and Samuel Wall, PhD.

The experts in electrophysiology from the center’s Scientific Advisory Board visited CCI on Friday 21st of October. Professor Francesco Leyva and Professor Cecilia Linde were presented with the current status of the projects focusing on electrophysiology and the feedback was impressive. Several projects scored highly and the center received yet again praise for its efficient management structure. Professors Linde and Leyva deemed the collaboration across all partners as excellent, and the ability to foster new ideas and promote innovation received the highest mark. The high publication rate was noted and the follow-up and guidance of PhD-fellows was also valued as good.

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Center for Cardiological Innovation