Oct 24, 2016

Medical imaging in cardiac research



On Monday 10th of October Oslo University Hospital hosted a seminar entitled "Medical imaging in cardiac research". The meeting was organized by professor Ivar Sjaastad and researcher Emil Espe, both from the Institute for Experimental Medical Research.

Center director for CCI, professor Thor Edvardsen talked about clinical cardiac ultrasound research and during his talk he emphasized the importance of collaboration both among the leading centers at the hospital as well as with renowned international institutions, including hospitals, universities and other research centers.

Professor Thor Edvardsen and professor Ivar Sjaastad during the seminar.
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Senior scientist Espen Remme talked about what modeling can contribute to our understanding of cardiac dysfunction based on ultrasound and MRI.

Mathematical modeling can be used to understand some of the observations made in cardiac imaging and explain the mechanics behind measured motion variables in these images.

Examples were given for how mathematical modeling had been used in studies of:

  • Regional rotation in ischemia
  • Septal beaking in left bundle branch block
  • The early diastolic lengthening velocity, e’
  • Discrepancies between measured strain and ejection fraction

The presentation illustrated how imaging studies can be strengthened by including modeling that provides a mathematical and physical foundation for the mechanisms behind the observations.

Einar Hopp, MD, PhD talked about Clinical Cardiac MRI in Medical Research.

The presentation focused on biomarkers possibly provided by present clinical cardiac MRI.
Examples were:

  • Cine imaging for global volumetric
  • Different tissue tagging methods for regional strain
  • Perfusion MRI qualitatively or quantitatively
  • Late gadolinium enhancement for focal fibrosis
  • Native T1 measurement and ECV calculation for diffuse fibrosis
  • T2* measurement for iron deposition
  • T2 measurement for edema

The presentation also discussed issues on imaging analysis like software programming, validation, availability and cost.


The agenda:

Medical imaging in cardiac research

Time:   Monday, October 10th 2016 at 14:30 – 16:00.
Place: Green Auditorium, Rikshospitalet, Sognsvannsveien 20, Oslo.


14:30   Welcome
Ivar Sjaastad, Consultant and Professor, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, OUH and University of Oslo (UiO)

14:40   Determining the cardiac structure-function relationship with preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Emil Espe, Researcher, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, OUH and UiO

15:00   Clinical cardiac MRI in research
Einar Hopp, Consultant, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, OUH

15:20   Clinical cardiac ultrasound in research
Thor Edvardsen, Head of Department, Professor, Center for Cardiological Innovation, Department of Cardiology, OUH

15:40   What can modelling contribute to our understanding of cardiac dysfunction based on ultrasound and MRI?
Espen Remme, Researcher, Institute for Surgical Research, OUH

Center for Cardiological Innovation