May 11, 2016

CCI welcomes Mathis Korseberg Stokke as a new member


CCI welcomes Mathis Korseberg Stokke as a postdoctoral fellow to the center.

Stokke`s research interests are arrhythmias and cardiac electrophysiology, with a focus on mechanisms for triggered arrhythmias. In collaboration with leading experts abroad he has used animal models, including genetically modified mice to explore basic aspects of arrhythmias. In collaboration with associate professor Kristina Haugaa, MD, PhD and professor Thor Edvardsen, MD, PhD, Stokke has aimed to combine clinical data and basic science in a translational approach. This work will now continue at CCI, where his focus will be on genetic cardiology, mechanisms for arrhythmias and mechanolectrical interactions in the heart.

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Center for Cardiological Innovation