Apr 18, 2016

CHFR workshop on Mechanisms for arrhythmias 2016


Center for Heart Failure Research invites clinicians and basic researchers with an interest in cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias to participate at their workshop Mechanisms for arrhythmias.

Invited lecture by Gaetano De Ferrari fra Pavia, Italy.

The meeting takes Place on Thursday 21st of April at 12.00 – 16.00
Location: Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Seminarrom 2.

Among the presenters is Center PhD fellow Lars Dejgaard, who will be talking about Mitral Annulus Disjunction and Risk of Arrhythmias.

Center director of Cardiology Research, Kristina Haugaa together with Mathis Korseberg Stokke, MD, PhD are in the organization committee. Mathis Korseberg Stokke will also begin as a postdoc at CCI in May.

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PhD fellow Veronica Dusi, Associate professor Kristina Haugaa, Post.doc Mathis Stokke and Professor Gaetano De Ferrari. Professor Thor Edvardsen and Professor Gaetano De Ferrari after De Ferrari's presentation on Vagal Simulation for Heart Failure.
Veronica Dusi was talking about LCSD in LQTS and CPVT. PhD fellow Lars Dejgaard presenting his topic; Mitral Annulus Disjunction and Risk of Arrhythmias



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