Sep 4, 2012

New EU funded project in collaboration with CCI

GE Vingmed Ultrasound, one of the core partners of the CCI, has just signed a Grant Agreement with the European Commission for a new project. The project is called "Ultrasound guided cardiac arrhythmia treatment" and will provide funding for 5 industrial PhD students. This project is a collaboration betwen GE Vingmed Ultrasound and KU Leuven.
Posted by: piritta

The project entitiled ""Ultrasound guided cardiac arrhythmia treatment" (USART) will be executed in close collaboration with the CCI. USART is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, which means that it is one of the European Unions mobility projects, encouraging your individuals to move to a new country for their PhD training.

Many patients suffer from cardiac arrythmias and some of the treatment options include implantation of a pacemaker or ablation therapy (an intervention aiming at insulating unwanted electrical pathways in the heart by creating small scars).

The research will focus on how ultrasound can be used to improve the safety and efficiency of these treatments, while reducing the x-ray dose for the treating physician and the patient.

5 Phd students will be funded by the project and they will be recruited from all over the world to work for GE in Oslo, Norway or KU Leuven in Belgium. The training program will involve supervision from both institution as well as a series of meeting, training courses, workshops and summer schools.

The Grant Agreement, securing funding of 1.3 million euros was signed by the European Research Executive Agency this week and the project will formally start on November 1st 2012.

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