Dec 7, 2015

CCI at EuroEcho-Imaging in Seville


Picture courtesy of the EACVI team in Seville


The world’s largest cardiovascular imaging congress with more than 3200 attendees, EuroEcho Imaging, was this year held in beautiful Seville, the capital of Andalucia. The weather was sunny and warm, making a perfect atmosphere for a successful conference.

This year the congress was dedicated to cardiomyopathies and early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. As these topics fit very well with the research at CCI, it is no surprise that the center was extensively represented in Seville.

The CCI members contributed with several invited talks, were chairing sessions, giving expert comments and last but not least presenting scientific abstracts orally and by posters.

Foremost, the CCI’s center director prof. Thor Edvardsen, who is also the Scientific Documents Committee Chair and Treasurer of the EACVI, had a central role at the congress. He was chairing several sessions, giving invited talks and was part of the inaugural and young investigator award sessions. On the final day of the congress it was announced that prof. Thor Edvardsen will run for the election for presidency of EACVI from 2018-2020.

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EuroEcho Imaging 2015
Dec 2nd-5th Seville, Spain


CCI’s center director of cardiology research, associate prof. Kristina H. Haugaa was invited to present in two sessions covering one of her fields of expertise; mechanical dispersion / dyssynchrony and life threatening arrhythmias in cardiomyopathies.


CCI member PhD fellow Nina E. Hasselberg, MD, had an invited talk about CRT-responders vs. non-responder and consultant cardiologist Jan Otto Beitnes, MD, PhD, was giving a talk on the use of echocardiography in patients with left ventricular assist device. Nina E. Hasselberg was also part of the expert panel in a scientific session regarding LV function. Prof. Otto Smiseth, Director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases at Oslo University Hospital was chairing sessions and was a grader of the official EACVI Research grant awards.


The excellent research by CCI resulted in 11 accepted abstracts to the EuroEcho Imaging 2015 congress. PhD fellow and cardiologist Jørg Saberniak, MD, and Sebastian Sarvari, MD, PhD, convincingly presented their research in oral abstract sessions. The poster of PhD fellow and cardiologist Trine F. Håland, MD, was selected as a moderated poster. PhD fellow Ida S. Leren, MD won a top score poster price for her research, as did Dr. Sarvari.


Overall, it was a very well organized and scientifically important and strong congress. The CCI members also enjoyed the Spanish culture, cuisine and social arrangements together.



Professor Thor Edvardsen, PhD, MD, FESC, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Associate professor Kristina Hermann Haugaa, PhD, MD, FESC, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Professor Otto Smiseth, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FASE, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Jan Otto Beitnes, MD, PhD, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Consulting Cardiologist at OUH
Gunnar Hansen, M.Sc., Program Manager Luminary, GEVU, Chairman of the Board, CCI
Olivier Gerard
, PhD, Research Project Manager, GEVU
Line Rørstad Jensen, M.Sc, PhD, Segment Research Manager, GEVU
Eirik Nestaas
, MD, PhD, Postdoc at UoO, Specialist in Pediatrics
Sebastian Sarvari
, MD, PhD, Cardiologist at OUH, Rikshospitalet
Jørg Saberniak, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, PhD fellow at OUH
Trine Fink Håland, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, PhD fellow at OUH
Nina Eide Hasselberg, MD, PhD fellow at OUH
Ida Skrinde Leren, MD, PhD fellow at OUH
Petter Storsten, MD, PhD fellow at OUH 
Øyvind Lie, MD, PhD fellow at OUH
Lars Andreas Dejgaard, MD, PhD fellow at OUH 
Thuy Mi Nguyen, MD, PhD fellow at SSHF / UoO
Daniela Melichova, MD, PhD fellow at SSHF / UoO



Role of imaging for the detection of subclinical dysfunction
Talk by Thor Edvardsen

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Talk by Thor Edvardsen

Stratification of SCD in non-ischemic cardiomyopathies - Dyssynchrony imaging improves SCD risk
Talk by Kristina Haugaa

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
Talk by Kristina Haugaa

Role of imaging in VAD placement and management
Talk by Jan Otto Beitnes

Complete sound software beamformer - Experience the next generation of cardiovascular imaging
Talk by Olivier Gerard

A non responder to Cardiac Resynchronszation Therapy (CRT)
Talk by Nina Eide Hasselberg

Young Investigator Award session - Clinical Science
The Roelandt's Young Investigator Award
Chairpersons; Thor Edvardsen

Imaging highlights from 2015 recommendations
Chairpersons; Thor Edvardsen

Advances in imaging myocardial mechanics
Chairpersons; Thor Edvardsen

Management of pericardial disease in the era of multimodality imaging
Joint with the Spanish Association of Cardiac Imaging
Chairpersons; Otto A. Smiseth

How to use myocardial strain imaging?
Chairpersons; Otto A. Smiseth

Assessment of systolic function: clinical perspectives and future directions
Rapid Fire Abstract session
Panel of experts; Nina Eide Hasselberg

Heart function assessment in perinatal asphyxia; speckle tracking indices from greyscale recordings perform better than from tissue Doppler recordings, fractional shortening and tissue Doppler indices
E. Nestaas , A. Støylen , D. Fugelseth
Poster presentation by Eirik Nestaas

Reproducibility of speckle tracking deformation indices in term neonates is better in three-cycle than one-cycle analyses and the differences between greyscale and tissue Doppler recordings are small
E. Nestaas , A. Støylen , D. Fugelseth
Poster presentation by Eirik Nestaas

Assessment of subtle echocardiographic changes may improve risk stratification of arrhythmias in early stages of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)
Leren IS, Saberniak J, Haland TF, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH
Poster presentation by Ida Skrinde Leren
Winner of top score poster price

Right ventricle ejection fraction by cardiac resonance imaging is superior in discrimination between early phase ARVC and right ventricular outflow tract ventricular tachycardia
Saberniak J, Leren IS, Haland TF, Hopp E, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH
Oral abstract presentation by Jørg Saberniak

Systolic function by strain echocardiography is related to cardiac fibrosis and arrhythmias in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Haland TF, Almaas VM, Hasselberg NE, Saberniak J, Leren IS, Hopp E, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH
Moderated poster by Trine F. Håland

Overweight may aggravate early disease in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) mutation positive family members
Dejgaard LA, Haland TF, Lie OH, Massey R, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH
Poster presentation by Lars Dejgaard

Prediction of atrial fibrillation recurrence by strain echocardiographic assessment of left atrial function
Sarvari SI, Haugaa KH, Stokke TM, Ansari HZ, Leren IS, Hegbom F, Smiseth OA, Edvardsen T
Oral abstract presentation by Sebastian Sarvari

A septal flash induced by right ventricular pacing is associated with left ventricular dysfunction and remodeling
Sarvari SI, Sitges M, Sanz M, Tolosana Viu JM, Edvardsen, Stokke TM, Mont L, Bijnens B
Oral abstract presentation by Sebastian Sarvari

Strain echocardiography detects mild impairment of systolic function in patients with frequent premature ventricular contractions
Lie OH, Saberniak J, Dejgaard LA, Nestaas E, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH
Poster presentation by Øyvind Haugen Lie

Persistence of cardiac remodeling in adolescents with previous fetal growth restriction
Sarvari SI, Rodriguez M, Sitges M, Sepulveda-Martinez A, Gratacos E, Bijnens B, Crispi F
Poster presentation by Sebastian Sarvari
Winner of top score poster price

Should the septum be included in the assessment of right ventricular longitudinal strain?
Sanz M, Giraldeau G, Sarvari SI, Marin J, Brambila C, Gabrielli L, Bijnens B, Sitges M

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